"the letter omega"

Translation:το γράμμα ωμέγα

August 31, 2016

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NONE of the answers come back as correct for me, and the answer I first selected is given as the correct answer. I can't get past this question because every choice I give says it's wrong.


i have the same problem


me too, it's a headache!! :'(


I'm curious...when the part comes where you must translate English to Greek...do you think you really SHOULD use the diacritics above the vowels? Does the average Greek person do that with writing and typing in general?


Yes, you should use the accent mark, it is simply wrong not to. You have points taken off for not doing so in any formal environment, while of course otherwise people just type whatever they want when texting etc, like do u c what i mean m8? :-/ (Writing that last bit hurt.)


i have a problem , the answer come back as correct for me

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