"The car is standing outside on the street in front of the garage."

Translation:Az autó kint áll az utcán a garázs előtt.

August 31, 2016

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"Az kocsi" is wrong isn't it? "A kocsi" would be correct.


You're very right.


"az autó", de nem "az kocsi kint áll..." !!


When I asked about the word order... here is an ecample : why not "az autó áll kint..." sometimes we have "áll kint" and sometimes " kint áll" but when???


That depends on what question you want to answer. Remember that the focus, the important part, is the item in front of the verb:

  • Az autó kint áll. - Where is the car standing? Outside.
  • Az autó áll kint. - What is standing outside? The car.

In this sentence you want to answer that first question, saying that the car is outside, and then defining the exact location more closely.

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