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  5. "The mom is coming."

"The mom is coming."

Translation:האמא באה.

August 31, 2016



How is anyone else doing the part that says "write in hebrew?" I don't have a hebrew keyboard...


If you're on PC, look in the keyboard settings and add Hebrew. Then you have to either learn to touch type, or buy some keyboard stickers online (very cheap).

Or use the app. Just look in the language settings of your phone or tablet and add Hebrew. That can be a good way of learning the keyboard layout if you're totally unfamiliar with it.


I don't know the letters. I can't even learn how each one is meant to be pronounced and the voice only speaks a couple words aloud. I can't write a word or even begin to figure out how it's spell if I'm not given an alphabet and how it's pronounced. Can I write phonetically with roman letters?


Get real good with learning the Hebrew letters and their pronounciations first. That's what I did and it helped me a lot. If you don't know the Hebrew letters then it's like trying to learn how to read English without knowing your ABCs


There is a table of the Hebrew alphabet and an explanation in the overview of the Letters 1 skill.


Here you can find the official Memrise course for the alphabet. However, it is recommended that you simply dive in with the Duolingo lessons, because very many of the letters have more than one pronunciation.


Duolingo has a flashcard app, tinycards, that has the Hebrew alphabet and pronunciations for the letters


its not that eazy


u can just download keyboard in computer its super easy


Just Google "how to configure Hebrew keyboard on Mac/Windows/Linux" (write only the OS you're using). On my mac I have it configured and use a key combination to switch between different layouts.


"Write it! Hebrew" is qn excellent app for teaching the Hebrew alphabet


if you are in chrome os on a chromebook, go to settings, then advanced settings, then input and keyboard settings, then just add the hebrew language there. make sure to check "keyboard" in the menu


If you're on a mac then you can go to settings, keyboard, input sources and then add hebrew as a language. you can access it by hitting the little american flag that appears in your menu bar but you might have to google the hebrew keyboard to know which keys to press.


Download the hebrew keyboard for your phone. On android, go into settings - language and input, then download the keyboard.


It is really easy to download, just click Tips and Notes and it will tell you how.


you can install it and use your virtual keybord on windows. If you are using another system it may be possible too.


I found an online keyboard you can type into, then copy and paste if your computer won't let an alternate keyboard be installed. https://www.branah.com/hebrew


You can download a Hebrew keyboard from the App Store. That's what I did


Just go to Settings-General-Keyboard. No need to download anything!


maybe you are supposed to write "ha´ima ba´a" XD


What is the difference between באה and בא and when do I use each?


"בא" This one is "ba" and is used when the subject of the sentence is of male gender (grammatical or natural). The other one is for feminine subject.


The first is Ba-a is feminine and second Ba is masculine


And, I heard that 'ה' contained a little bit of 'H' sound, which make it kind of softer sound


I am using http://www.lexilogos.com/keyboard/hebrew.htm Dead easy and then copying and pasting


What's the differences between האמא and אמא ?


The letter ה in the beginning of a word (e.g. האמא) means "the".


the one with the hay is the mum and the one with out is mum


I'm struggling to believe that the love is coming anyone else agree?


Go to settings to change the language


why wouldnt you add םאה here?


For one that word cannot exist because ם is the final form of מ (m). For example the word מים mayim - water.

Secondly, it is ba'a not ma'a.


I thought "is" was written as האם? Can you only use that at the beginning of a phrase or something?


It's a question marker.


Ah, so you only use "האם" when asking a question?


There is a link: https://www.memrise.com given in some of the notes on Duolingo on the web-page, I think if you scroll down at the beginning. If you use my URL above you will have to cut paste since I did not make it an actual hyperlink, but I am making progress there.
I can't begin these lessons without 1st going through Garden-Memrise. I hope this proves to be the help a lot of you seem to be looking for. It is a good site and all the beginning stuff is free.


There is a good programme, software, for Mac and I think PC, called Learn Hebrew. I found Duolingo way too hard to learn until I did that program.


is anyone on here converting to Judaism? because i am and would like to know im not really alone...


So i spent a good amount of time researching the Alef Biet (hebrew alphabet) and made a rough cheat sheet with the letters and their pronunciation. I am making some good progress with comprehension, but without the niqqud system (the dots) and being a total beginner how can i tell if (for one example) ב is supposed to have the b or v sound? Obviously over time I will learn words and context, but is there any way to learn how to differentiate on new words? Something better than trial and lots of error?


it is a hebrew letters website


would this be pronounced "aba ma"?


The transliteration for this sentence is "Ha'ima ba'ah," so, no.


So to make something "the noun" you add a ה to the beginning?


On a basic level, yes.


I type in צםצ (mom) in hebrew but it does not except this. I am not sure what I am doing wrong.


I'm afraid Hebrew is not English written in Hebrew letters. It's a totally different language. So "mom" is pronounced like this and is written like this: אמא (alef, mem, aleph, are the names of the letters).


Does I make these sentence too long, האבא האם באה


Because it said 'האם' mean is


Just downloaded a Hebrew keyboard... the language is now a lot less intimidating except for when I accidentally forget to switch keyboards


I can't type in Hebrew. I do not have a PC.


I've heard that there are browser extensions. Try a web search for keyboard extensions compatible with your particular browser, or if not, perhaps you could download the chrome browser which I've heard definitely have it. I have a PC that I own & administer myself so I just download the language packs from MS. If you're really computer literate, you might be able to write a program for it or find one that someone already wrote. With enough willingness anything is possible. Vel anyvay, Good luck!


How do you get a hebrew keyboard on a chromebook?


HEBREW KEYBOARD When the program asks to write in Hebrew, does it mean in Hebrew characters or transliterate it?


This hebrew course is really frustrating.


The first letter pronounced like "ha", the second pronounced like "ei", the third like "ma", the last letter in the first word is vowel (you don't pronounce it). In the second word the first letter pronounced like "ba", and the second like "aa" and again the one is vowel. Hope it helps :)


You can copy from here and past (download a keyword layout is preferred) : אבגדהוזחטיכלמנסעפצקרשת


I am told I have a typo even though I put the same answer that I am told that is the correction


How do you access the keyboard in Hebrew


How am I supposed to type Hebrew with an English keyboard???


By downloading the Hebrew keyboard or using a virtual one, of course.


You have a couple of choices. You can use something like https://www.lexilogos.com/keyboard/hebrew.htm and copy and paste or if you can work out the English meaning and know a bit Ivrit to realise if the translation is rubbish you can use Google translate. Another ruse I have only just found is if you hover over the English phrase that is given you will find the Hebrew word. You need to work out if you want to use masculine or feminine and cut and paste.


Why is בא considered a typo here? Is there a rule about when to add the "ה" at the end of words like this?


Yes, there is a rule. בא is masculine singular and באה is feminine singular form. אמא is feminine, so the verb must agree with the gender of the subject.

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