"Your coffee"

Translation:Twoja kawa

August 31, 2016

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This sentence does not exist. In no language. It is always MY COFFEE!


Why is the answer to this "wasza kawa" and not twoja kawa?


Both should be accepted as the English "you" can refer to one person or a group of people.


Thanks. So in all cases where it is "your" we are translating, it can be either?


Yes, or at least it should be. If you'll ever encounter a sentence where it won't work both ways, you can report it.

Although, to be clear, there may be sentences which will make it clear if it's singular or plural, for example "You all have coffee" - here, because of the "all" part it's obvious that it's about a group of people so it could only be "Wszyscy macie kawę".


Extremely clear. Thank you :)


From my experience on this app (and also from Jellei's answer below) it is clear that your can be translated as twoja or wasza.

However, just bear in mind that there may occasionally be more info in the sentence which would make it wrong (or at least unreasonable) to accept wasza instead of twoja.

For example, the sentence "your husband is wearing a shirt"

Translating that as Wasz instead of Twoj would be strange (ok not implausible due to non-traditional arrangements but u get my point haha)

So in that case I'm sure you'd agree that the you / your that is being referred to is one person.

Similarly, if it became "your husbands are wearing a shirt" then its probably not Twoj but Wasz (though Wasi actually)

Just good to bear that in mind for future examples, though it helps for now that both versions are accepted.

Also maybe applies to ty vs wy too (eg. "you are hungry" could be translated as ty jesteś głodny or *wy jestescie głodne", whereas if the sentence was "you are good players" then clearly ty jesteś would be wrong and wy jestescie would be correct)

Sorry to be pedantic but its good to bear this in mind :)


And both are accepted of course.


What's wrong with Pańska kawa?


Many sentences still miss formal variants. Added here.


What exactly is the difference between twoj and wasz? Are they interchangeable or is there some subtle thing like whether or not the noun is personal?


There's a huge difference, actually. "Twój" is something you'll say to one single person while "wasz" to a group of people.

Now, theoretically, the word "Wasz" could also be used as a polite form when talking to one person, but practically it's not really used like this anymore. You would have to speak to some royal family member to address one person with "Wasz" and you'd only see this in old literature, usually you'll just use "Pan" or "Pani" (Sir/Madam) as a polite form.


Rejected "Twoja." This lesson is not "ready for prime time."


Actual sentence: Your Coffee... IS MY COFFEEE


How do I know when the response requires the singular or plural "Your"? Is it twoje or wasze?


You don't know it, in 99% of the cases, both are equally correct. Only rarely something in the sentence clearly suggests one (e.g. "your husband" is surely singular).

But "kawa" is a feminine noun, so neither "twoje" nor "wasze" are correct, because they are either neuter singular or 'not masculine-personal plural' forms.

It's either "twoja kawa" or "wasza kawa".

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