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  5. "Το καβούρι δεν είναι έντομο"

"Το καβούρι δεν είναι έντομο"

Translation:The crab is not an insect

August 31, 2016



It is giving the correct solution as "The crab is not 1 bug", but it should instead be "The crab is not a bug"


Sounds like someone should file a ... bug report


He said, crabbily. :-)


What's the difference between ζουζούνι and έντομο? ευχαριστώ.

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Ζουζούνι = bug; the word is used in informal contexts the way bug is used informally in English. (There is a formal definition of bugs as a very specific group of insects - these are the "true bugs" in English.)

Έντομο = insect; a clear zoological classification is implied here, but the word can be used in both formal and informal situations.


Thanks, D_..! It's like the difference between "bicho" and "insecto" in spanish, then.


Hahaha. Not in Puertorrican Spanish, where 'bicho' means is a slang term for penis.


Whoops. o.o That's something to keep in mind (especially while traveling in Puerto Rico.)


And in Nicaragua it means "vagina" 0.0

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I wish I knew that much Spanish!!


Sure you'll learn it soon! I guess you're going well in Duolingo spanish (I don't know how cool is that course). Good luck!


Είναι καρκινοειδές.


It says the right answer is 'The crab is not A bug' , but there is no (indefinite) article 'a' in the Greek sentence.


in short sentences having the form noun+be+noun you omit the indefinite article, otherwise it won't sound natural.


In Greek you must not, or need not, say 'a bug', but in English you must use 'a' - a bug.

The crab is not bug is not correct English.


I'm not sure if this is the place where I should post this, but I think this section is throwing too much NEW words at us instead of focusing in just five or six, which is the way the "animal topic" is covered in other courses. The word just won't stick in our heads if we see them just once, guys!


But marcelo, you can choose which ones are the most interesting for you.

The ones I have missed here are:

donkey, rabbit goat - all the village ones, which I still don't know. Sign language (for ears or beard) actually works but I really should learn the words as I do sometimes misunderstand rabbit for donkey, because they both have long ears. :-)


I don't know if this is a good place to post this: the hints and tips offer little help for this part.

The list of animals provided in hints & tips doesn't correspond to the animals covered in exercises, meaning that it's not possible to review words like καμηλοπάρδαλη and καβούρι outside the exercise.


I just added the rest of the animals included in the Animals 1 skill. ^.^

(It might take a moment for them to show up. Please, let me know when the list gets updated. ^.^)


Thank you so much - this helps us a lot :) Lingots for ya


What's the difference between εντομο and έντονο ? I wrote the last one and it appears to be correct

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