"A pályaudvarokon sok turista vár."

Translation:Many tourists are waiting at the train stations.

August 31, 2016

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The translation use incorrect. It should be "stations" in plural


Yes agree and it's been reported. also "in" is not accepted, reported that too


What is the difference between railway station and train station,last one does not exist in vocabulary.Such kinds of errors are really disturbing the trainees.and bring us to stress.

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@ljikontic : There is no difference between a railway station and a train station. In Hungary people call it "pályaudvar", whereas in other Hungarian speaking communities one may call it "vonatállomás".


Thanks for helping two years ago,but it is better ever than never. Of course I didn't mention about the Hungarian phrases ,there everything is in order but in English word like '' train station''And Duo made my answer incorrect using railway station.


" in the " on the" ??


All ''train stations'' are buildings and nobody is so stupid to wait for train at the station but ''in the station'' because it is a big building for example Victoria station. do you wait trains at the Victoria station or in the Victoria station Where are you native Londoner to explain those people from Duo Thanks in advance

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