"Third and last."

Translation:Τρίτος και τελευταίος.

August 31, 2016

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I'm just a Greek checking out the beta. I believe this one should consider "Τρίτο και τελευταίο." (maybe even "Τρίτη και τελευταία.") as a correct answer, too, since there is no gender clarification.


Added!!! Thanks for your report :)


By the way, is there a special place to report all this alternative equally correct answers when I find more? Or should I just comment on each one of them?


You can either use the Report button and then the Freewrite Report or comment below a sentence :)


Could εσχατος work here, or does that have the wrong sort of connotation?


It wouldn't exactly fit here. Έσχατος has a meaning of "last & extreme" at the same time. Έσχατη λύση=last resort, έσχατο σημείο=extremity/ extreme situation, εσχάτη προδοσία=high treason, έσχατος λόγος=last words etc etc. It not just last, but the extreme end (=έσχατο τέλος ;) ) or the extreme [if used for places or situations] (as in η έσχατη νήσος του Αιγαίου=the most far away island of the Aegean sea-Kastellorizo for example). I don't think I can explain it any better, there is actually not a true corresponding word in English. Hope that helps!


That does indeed help. And it makes sense; I learned it in the theological context, and in that context it's almost exclusively used to talk about the "last days" -- which is to say, the end of the world.


What's wrong with "τρίτος και τελικός"?


Nothing much, but it's not really used out of context. "Τελικός" is more like "final".


Like Bohuslav1, I don't really see a difference in meaning between "last" and "final," any more than that between the two Greek equivalents. Maybe there's a difference in register between the pairs in both languages -- but not in meaning....

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