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  5. "Third and last."

"Third and last."

Translation:Τρίτος και τελευταίος.

August 31, 2016



I'm just a Greek checking out the beta. I believe this one should consider "Τρίτο και τελευταίο." (maybe even "Τρίτη και τελευταία.") as a correct answer, too, since there is no gender clarification.


Added!!! Thanks for your report :)


By the way, is there a special place to report all this alternative equally correct answers when I find more? Or should I just comment on each one of them?


You can either use the Report button and then the Freewrite Report or comment below a sentence :)


What's wrong with "τρίτος και τελικός"?


Nothing much, but it's not really used out of context. "Τελικός" is more like "final".


Like Bohuslav1, I don't really see a difference in meaning between "last" and "final," any more than that between the two Greek equivalents. Maybe there's a difference in register between the pairs in both languages -- but not in meaning....


Could εσχατος work here, or does that have the wrong sort of connotation?

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It wouldn't exactly fit here. Έσχατος has a meaning of "last & extreme" at the same time. Έσχατη λύση=last resort, έσχατο σημείο=extremity/ extreme situation, εσχάτη προδοσία=high treason, έσχατος λόγος=last words etc etc. It not just last, but the extreme end (=έσχατο τέλος ;) ) or the extreme [if used for places or situations] (as in η έσχατη νήσος του Αιγαίου=the most far away island of the Aegean sea-Kastellorizo for example). I don't think I can explain it any better, there is actually not a true corresponding word in English. Hope that helps!


That does indeed help. And it makes sense; I learned it in the theological context, and in that context it's almost exclusively used to talk about the "last days" -- which is to say, the end of the world.

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