"Budapesten olyan házak vannak, amilyenek Bécsben."

Translation:In Budapest there are houses like in Vienna.

August 31, 2016

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When constructed like this, it sounds kind of like someone didn't think houses were, like, a thing in Budapest. What other buildings they thought Budapest is primarily comprised of is beyond me. :P

It's a stretch to translate this sentence like this, but I'd ideally phrase the English sentence as a comparative: The houses in Budapest are like the houses in Vienna, which leaves little to no chance of misinterpretation.


Another possibility might be "In Budapest there are houses (that are) like (the) ones in Vienna."


I reported: in Budapest houses are like those in Vienna.

I "love" these even more than Dir Con... Probably only topped by the six-pack of pronoun lessons later on.


Both of the "correct" solutions are wrong. The first one "In Budapest there are such houses like in Vienna" is painfully bad English. Only "such houses AS in Vienna" is acceptable in that version. The second one, "In Budapest there are houses like in Vienna" translates a complete different Hungarian sentence: "Budapesten olyan házak vannak, mint Bécsben is."


I feel like the whole lesson is either wrong or way to difficult. I can't get past it without copy and paste.


There are a lot of ways to translate that sentence...why did u choose only ur way?


"Olyan hazak" indicates "houses like" "amilyenek" appears to be comparing the houses. Your translation seems to indicate nothing special about houses, just stating that there are also houses in Vienna. What is your sentence meant to say? Are we talking about "some houses being the same as those in Vienna" or simply that both cities have houses?

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    I thinkthe important thing iscwe get the meaning right. After that cut and paste and move on. The compulers have crappy English. I move on.


    In Budapest there are houses like in Vienna, or In Budapest the houses are like those in Vienna???? Melyik az igazi?? Mert hol erre, hol arra jelöli a jót???


    As was rejected but bith as and like ( though not quite similar) can be used for comparisons.

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