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  5. "הם חוזרים מחו"ל."

"הם חוזרים מחו"ל."

Translation:They come back from abroad.

August 31, 2016



I'd love to see greater examples of abbreviations, like חו"ל, because they're used so commonly in Israel.


Does the " mean it's an abbreviation? I have never really understood that sign and always thought it changed the pronunciation but apparently it doesn't...


This mark - " - is used similarly to this mark - . - in English; for acronyms. For instance, U.S.A. - United States of America.

In Hebrew

ארה''ב - ארצות הברית

The difference is that with Hebrew acronyms they don't use the first letter of every word, like U.S.A.. Rather they use parts of each word. So the Hebrew acronym above used the first two letters of 'aretzot' and the first two of 'habrit'. I'm not sure why the put the - " - symbol where it is but I'm sure the people that make up rules for Hebrew know why.

Note: Aretzot Habrit is not a good translation for United States of America, in my opinion. I think a better translation would be

המדינות המיוחדות של אמריקה




We are going through a crisis in America at the moment, and it made me wonder how the Confederate States of America would be written and abbreviated in Israeli newspapers.


So how do you think it would be abbreviated?


I'm not sure if your abbreviation


is correct but it's giving me a desire for a strong drink! Something with a black liqourice taste.


I really don't know. Google gives אִחוּד בְּרִית for the Confederacy and ארצות הקונפדרציה של אמריקה as a literal translation for the Confederate States of America. Using your explanation, the abbreviation could be ארה''ק. Any idea whether this is right?


Land of the Covenent is how Israel sees USA. Especially now. Jerusalem is now officially the capitol of Israel thanks to USA/תרומפ!! HE IS ON AN OFFICIAL COIN IN ISRAEL. not only are we a country with a covenent with God but also with Israel!! (For now anyway).


Dov, Hebrew abbreviation finder/reference: http://kizur.co.il/search_mobile.php


Does chutz la'aretz mean abroad? I was under the impression it only means abroad if your frame of reference is Israel specifically. Someonein New York who travels to France is going abroad but he would not say that he will travel to Chutz La'aretz. Unless I am mistaken this term means "outside of Israel"


Is חו'' ל the abbreviated form of חוצ לארץ?


@ http://kizur.co.il/search_mobile.php it says it's abbreviated from

לחוץ לארץ


I thought that prefix מ was pronounced "me" instead of "mi" before gutturals and ר; is this rule followed in normal speech? cause in this recording it sounds like "mi-chul"


i used the following translation" they return from abroad" and was marked wrong.... is this not the same?


Why am I marked wrong when I write חוזרים מחו''ל correctly?


Don't know but I only got it 'right' when I omitted the '' and left a blank space.


Hem chozrim mi'chul.


I am writing as per requested and keep being given again for correction. Why?


If I live in Australia and want to say ini Hebrew that I was going overseas, would I still use the expression חו"ל?


I believe ארץ, in this context, refers exclusively to the land of Israel. Similarly, there are specialized words for immigrating (oleh) to or emigrating (yored) from the land of Israel that you would not use when immigrating to or emigrating from any other country (le'hager).

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