"This object is special."

Translation:העצם הזה הוא מיוחד.

August 31, 2016

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The word חפץ is offered by the drop-down but rejected as incorrect here.

What is the distinction between חפץ and עצם in this context ?


I think חפץ should be accepted. There is no difference, is there? Can someone else point to a difference between them?


It is now accepted: החפץ הזה מיוחד/ חפץ /



I kinda like the word I see more often... אובייקט. At least I know what it is. The word DL uses, עצם, means a "bone" to me. Or, derivatively, "essence".


Is הוא necsssary?


I'm just a learner, but I think since מיוחד (special, unique) is an adjective, it can be omitted. Adjectives can be used as nouns in Hebrew, but here it's still an adjective. But maybe native speakers include it here under the assumption that it somehow feels like a noun? Maybe the copula adds emphasis to the uniqueness? Not sure.


Duo accepts ‏העצם הזה מיוחד.


When i was growing up עצם meant bone. Oh, I object to אובייקט - too hard to spell. In French it's "chose," I'll just use שוז.


On my Android phone, all of the fill-in-the-blank sentences are left to right, rather than right to left. The words themselves are correct, but word order is reversed. Is anyone else having this problem? I have also flagged it.


Thanks AniOhevYain. I didn't think הוא is necessary.


Is there a way to know when to use the pronoun for the subject

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