"Az óvónő meglátogatja a kicsi lányokat."

Translation:The kindergarten teacher visits the little girls.

September 1, 2016

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But is she flying over the big city to go to them??


What do we call a male kindergarten teacher? Just óvó?


I think the terms óvodapedagógus and óvóbácsi have been mentioned in the comments, along with the caveat that male kindergarten teachers are fairly rare and so there's not a particularly common, well-established name for them.


The children and their parents would probably use "óvóbácsi". No idea about an official term. Just checked... óvodapedagógus indeed. Omg.


I'm assuming that because the previous word ends in 'a' that is why I can't hear the 'a' on it's own. Köszönöm.


I didn't hear it either. I even thought that it sounds odd without the "a". I think this audio should be reported


Sounds perfectly normal to me. Usually, one won't put a glottal stop between the two a's - so what you will end up is more like a long a. Since there isn't even a long a in (standard) Hungarian, what this sounds like is, undeniably, "meglátogatja a" pronounced naturally.


One of the hints is "nursery teacher" but it doesn't accept this answer. Don't give a bad hint, please. Thank you.


In the UK we dont say kindergarten unless we are answering duolingo questions. We would say pre-school teacher.


Why isn't it 'a KIS lányokat'?


kislány is a word used for younger girls, so maybe to avoid confusion ? Otherwise not sure, kis and kicsi are usually interchangeable but in this case it feels weird.

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