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  5. "Correct your answer!"

"Correct your answer!"

Translation:תקני את התשובה שלך!

September 1, 2016



The word עונה is offered here in the drop down, but marked incorrect if used.

What is the relevant difference here between תשובה and עונה ?


(format) עונה is the verb "answer", למה את לא עונה לי? אני עונה לך!, and תשובה is the noun, the answer, התשובה.


Takni* et ha'tshuva shelach

*(2nd person, fem., singular/ to a woman)


why isn't: "תקן את התשובה שלכם’ accepted? Wouldn't this be the same but said to a man?


@Zachary Cohen(raulpollos): You are correct that תקן is the masculine singular command, but they probably rejected it because שלכם is masculine plural. Thus you're saying "you fix" to one person while saying "your answer" to multiple people.

I think that it's reasonable to accept your answer, because you might address one individual who represents a group. However, it's also reasonable to reject it because only by matching gender and number of those first and last words is it clear that you recognize the relationship between them.

2020-05-14 rich739183 (edited)

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