"She went to the office by car."

Translation:Вона їздила у офіс на машині.

September 1, 2016

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This answer is wrong. It implies she was going to the office by car on a regular basis, which is not what the sentence says in English.


"У офіс" is as incorrect as "у Львів" in Ukrainian. It's a classic example of the russification of Ukrainian grammar. "У" means "into" something, which is not what you do with a car when you drive somewhere, unless you drive into a garage.


What does поїхала mean and when is it used?


went - movement by vehicle, movement in one direction only (not like went there and returned), =left.

-Де вона? -Вона поїхала в банк.

-Where is she? -She went to the bank (by car or bus)

-Де вона була? -Вона їздила в банк.

-Where was she? (~Where did she go? - if she is already back) -She went to the bank. (~She was at the bank. Been there and returned)


In the given context "поїхала" can mean that she went to the office (by car) and did not come back. "Їздила" can mean that she was in the office and then came back (a statement of a fact) or that she usually went to the office by car (a habitual action).

"Їхати" and "їздити" are two verbs of motion (there are more than a dozen pairs in total). They are both translated the same in English, "to go by transportation." Nevertheless, they can have subtle differences in the meaning, especially if combined with prepositions. Usually, they are not interchangeable.

There is more on the topic here.


The constant ideological arguments about prepositions make it very hard for learners. Russian political behaviour may be unforgivable, but the way Russian words behave is a more innocent thing, and it is a feature of all languages that they become influenced by other languages.

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