"The women are reading a newspaper."

Translation:Οι γυναίκες διαβάζουν μία εφημερίδα.

September 1, 2016

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If ur on a pc u can switch nack and fourth and pull up an on screen keyboard if ur on a phone just download a greek keyboard


On the later Samsung phones various language keyboards are available and you can switch quickly between keyboards by sliding the right or left .


Since γυναίκα is feminine should it have been τις γυναίκες logically? Why masculine form is coming for this? Is there any more examples


τις is the feminine accusative form, while γυναίκες is in the nominative form here.


Oh well, we can do without it for now.


I dont have greek keyboard


We need a Greek key pad. I have tried several times to attempt to write this in a latin alphabet, but it is not working no matter what I do. And I am a native speaker, so I think I know how things are pronounced. Enough with negativity, go Greece, pame y ellada!


What device are you using? On windows 10 (and possibly 7 & 8 as well) you can go into your settings and add the Greek keyboard. Once its added you can hit win key + spacebar and it will toggle between the Greek and English keyboards. After that, the trickiest thing is remembering which English letters = the Greek ones! ;)


Use your phone and download the keyboard.


Why is μία included here when it is not necessary? Besides, the translation does not say one newspaper; it says a newspaper.

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