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  5. "How are your studies going?"

"How are your studies going?"

Translation:איך הולכים הלימודים שלך?

September 1, 2016



One Hebrew teacher that I worked with would have been horrified that איך הלמודים שלך הולכים was not accepted.


?איך הולכים את הלימודים שלך Why is this wrong?


Because הלימודים שלך are the subject of this sentence and not the object of הולכים. You could say איך הלימודים שלך הולכים? Although less idiomatic in this case.


I tried it in the order you gave and they marked it wrong.


איך הלימודים שלך Should be accepted. הולכים is redundent and it doesnt sound natural in Hebrew


That's what i did and it was marked wrong.


In Hebrew the subject comes first then the verb, take it from native jewish


Well, if the subject is not a personal pronoun, after question words the verb often leapfrogs over the subject. So הַבּוֹס הָלַךְ the boss went becomes לְאָן הָלַךְ הַבּוֹס where went the boss. This is part of a wider tendency for verbs to cross in front of subjects, once some other word has taken over clause-inital position: גַּם אֶתְמוֹל בָּא הַגַּנָּן the gardener came yesterday also. But it must be said that prescriptive grammarians bar inversion for present tense verbs. So if you follow them, אֵיךְ הַלִּמּוּדִים שֶׁלְּךָ הוֹלְכִים is certainly preferable (Cf. The grammar of Modern Hebrew (L. Glinert) §26.5).


Wouldn't Israelis more naturally say "איך מתקדמים הלימודים שלך?" Or maybe even just "איך מתקדמים הלימודים?" with the "שלך" being understood?


so איך הלימודים שלך הולכים should be accepted too, right?

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