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  5. "Εγώ έχω ένα παιδί."

"Εγώ έχω ένα παιδί."

Translation:I have a child.

September 1, 2016



Can I say "εχω ενα παιδι"?


Yes, you can - unless you want to put some emphasis on εγώ.


Oh that makes sense now. You would be proud to have a child.


I thought it said "I I a child" at first.


I know this is basic, but I'm getting caught out on the pronunciation of ττ - my crib sheet says it's P as in Pet but I'm hearing "th"


ττ is two τ's one after the other. So it is pronounced as t. The letter you are looking for is π which makes the p sound. Παιδί has π not ττ and that's why it is pronounced as "pethée" with "th" as in "they".


I'm confused as to why it is translated as a child instead of one child.


Both are possible.

Greek does not have separate words for the number 1 and the indefinite article, the way English does.


so there's no difference in pronunciation between εγώ and έχω, except for the emphasis on either έ or ώ?


    There is! Check the sound in the individual word pages within Duolingo, as well as here, έχω and εγώ. You may find γ tricky to pronounce, but remember that it is very different from χ.


    The way i hear it, the first is ego and the second is eho.


    εγώ is pronounced as two syllables ε-γω or in English eh-ghO.. the gh sound is more guttural than g in English, in that is it comes more from the back of the throat. Try saying a soft ghuh from the back of the throat raising the tongue slightly at the back. Then έχω is pronounced also as 2 syllables έ-χω or in English EH-cHo where the χ is like the ch in loch. to make the Ho sound trying saying a short sharp ho from the back of the throat expressing a short shot of air coming up from the lower throat and resonating on the top of the back of upper pallet.

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