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  5. "What had you eaten?"

"What had you eaten?"

Translation:Τι είχες φάει;

September 1, 2016



Τι είχατε φάει is right as well - it could be either singular or plural


Right!!! Corrected ;)


Why is τρώει wrong?


"φάει" is the form used with the auxiliary verb "to have". "Τρώει" means "he/she/it eats/is eating".


Forgive me if I make you repeat things in common. I think saying "what did you eat" is the same thing. But maybe "what had you eat" is the same also. Both refer to the past. What I understand wrong;

Please help!

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There is a difference. "What did you eat." is simple and that's all.

But "What had you eaten." refers to something that happened before something else and it's important to show that it happened before. Είναι σημαντικό να δείξουμε ότι συνέβη πριν.

For example: "My stomach hurt last night." "What had you eaten." In other words, "before your stomach hurt".

Το στομάχι μου πόνεσε χθες το βράδυ." "Τι είχες φάει." Με άλλα λόγια, "Τι είχες φάει πριν πονέσεις το στομάχι σου"

Past perfect us only used when it's important to show something that happened before something else.

"The plane had left when I got to the airport." "Το αεροπλάνο είχε φύγει όταν έφτασα στο αεροδρόμιο." Δηλαδή είχα χάσει το αεροπλάνο.

Hope that helps.


You know very well that you are helping my dear teacher.

Thank you.

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