"Is this a toothbrush or a razor?"

Translation:Ez fogkefe vagy borotva?

September 1, 2016

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If you include 'egy' before fogkefe, shouldn't it be 'egy' borotva, too?


Either way is fine, but this sentence sounds best if you don't include any egy. You just care about what this object is, not how many are there.


Is not the word "this" a direct object?


Not in this sentence. Sentences with a form of 'to be' in English, or van in Hungarian are so-called copula sentences. Those have no object but are rather connecting two subjects. Verbs like van - to be, megy - to go, or alszik - to sleep are intransitive, meaning that they cannot have a direct object.

To make ez a direct object that would warrant the use of definite conjugation (I guess that's what you want to ask about, no?), you'd need a transitive verb. Let's take "I see this." - "Ezt látom." Note that the object receives a -t suffix, and only those objects determine whether the direct or indirect conjugation is used.

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