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  5. "Αυτός τρώει."

"Αυτός τρώει."

Translation:He eats.

September 1, 2016



What is the relationship between τρώει and τρώγει? And I'm assuming whatever the reason, it's the same reason for τρώω/τρώγω and τρως/τρώγεις.


I am a native speaker and I have never heard "τρώγω", "τρώγεις" or "τρώγει". It might be like this in a dialect, but in standard Greek the verb "τρώω" is conjugated like this:

  • (εγώ) τρώω = I eat
  • (εσύ) τρως = you eat
  • (αυτός) τρώει = he eats
  • (εμείς) τρώμε = we eat
  • (εσείς) τρώτε = you eat
  • (αυτοί) τρώνε = they eat

I hope that this helps. :-)

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Yes,the conjugation that panagiotists13 gives is what you want. Τρώγω is an old form of τρώω from Ancient Greek still found in Biblical Greek (Koine) but also accepted as an alternative form of τρώω. But it's rare in modern Greek and may be regional.

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If I'm not mistaken "τρώγω" is alive and well in Cyprus! :) (Someone used it once while talking to me and I really wasn't prepared! And if I recall correctly it was the subjunctive: φάγεις!)


No is not alive in Cyprus!I am from Cyprus and I never say ''τρώγω'' only ''τρώω''.


«τρώγω» is an older form, however it is still in use and survives in the passive voice of the verb «τρώγομαι»

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