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"Bạn trung thực khi học tiếng Việt không?"

Translation:Are you honest when learning Vietnamese?

September 1, 2016



Yea, what a stupid question. I used to teach primary school children how to read and one of the strategies was to use clues from the words they knew to figure out the ones they didn't - making educated guesses. No educated guess would have resulted in me coming up with "honest" in this sentence.


Come on, there are so many better sentences that could have been used to apply this word.


I thought it would be: "Are you honestly learning vietnamese?" But got rejected instead... sigh

But as a matter of fact, I'm not lying while learning vietnamese... :p


A dumb question. And "Are you honest when studying Vietnamese?" is marked incorrect. Dumb question + arbitrary answer. Great.


Oh my... it make no sense: I'm struggling to find out which english translation DL would accept instead of focusing on the language I want to learn aka vietnamese... ts ts


English is not my mother tongue. Would this mean: "are you honest about studying Vietnamese?".

If not, I cannot guess what the sentence means.


Not I nor anyone I know would interpret it that way. It's just asking about attributes in arbitrary contexts.

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