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  5. "Ο άντρας πίνει καφέ"

"Ο άντρας πίνει καφέ"

Translation:The man drinks coffee

September 1, 2016



What is the difference between καφέ and ο καφές?

  • ο καφές = the coffee (nominative)
  • τον καφέ = the coffee (accusative)

The nominative case is used when the noun is the subject of the sentence (for example "Ο καφές είναι ζεστός" = "The coffee is hot") & the accusative case is used when the noun is the object of the sentence (for example "Πίνω τον καφέ" = "I am drinking the coffee").

I hope that this helps. :-)


Thanks! How could I forget that Greek has declensions too... BTW, it would be really great if tips for verbs and nouns had their conjugation or declension, like Spanish course does.


We will try to update 'Tips and Notes' before we graduate from Beta :)


I talk about this feature:


Ah OK! This needs some work. We will do this soon wherever is important to clarify ;)


I agree, but I am not a contributor, so I can't do anything for that. :-)



το καφέ: the color brown

ο καφές: coffee

From what I see now the etymology of the color καφέ comes from the drink, in its French version (café). https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%CE%BA%CE%B1%CF%86%CE%AD


can καφές also be used for café?


If by café you mean the place where you can drink coffee, the most common word is καφετέρια (kafetéria).

Also the place where the old people go for a coffee/ouzo/to play cards is called καφενείο (kafenío).

A very common (and informal) phrase is "Πάμε για καφέ;" or "Πάμε για κανά καφέ;" (Fancy a coffee?).

The two versions are pretty close. The second is more relaxed, and vague, like time isn't an issue (it could be tomorrow or in 2 days).

The first is more urgent, and means "now", or within the day. But then, things are flexible in respect of time in GR...Depends on the person.


Yes, i was talking about the place. Thanks very much - that's really interesting.

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