"Te hol keresel repülőgépeket?"

Translation:Where are you looking for planes?

September 1, 2016

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Is it obligatory to use "Te" ?


No, it's fine with or without the te.


It's just here to emphasise. "Hol repülőgépeket keresel?" - Where do you look for airplanes /// "Te hol repülőgépetek keresel?" - And you? Where do YOU look for airplanes? (It's much more contextual)


But "(Te) Hol repülőgépeket keresel?" is incorrect. The question word should be right before the verb.

Both "Te hol keresel repülőgépeket?" and "Hol keresel repülőgépeket?" are fine.


Hi, just wondering why "where do you look for airplanes?" is no good answer?


It's a good answer, they just haven't included it yet. You can report it if this sentence comes up again for you.


In many exercises the same as my answer is coming up under "Another translation". Why? My answer is the same


In many exercises the same as my answer is coming up under "Another translation". Why?

It's to do with how multiple similar alternatives are entered into the system by course contributors.

Avoiding this "another translation is the same as your translation" issue would be a lot more work for sentences with more than two or three possible translations (which is quite a lot of them).

I recommend that you ignore it if you can.


To me the audio seems to have a brief extra sound ("s"?) right after "keresel".

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