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"She thinks about her studies."

Translation:Ona myśli o studiach.

September 1, 2016



What here implies that its her studies? Eg, she thinks about studies vs she thinks about her studies. There is no 'jej' in this example?


"She thinks about studies." works as well.

In Polish we don't use possessive pronouns that much. The option that she is thinking about her studies. Just seems the most probable, and reasonable. Also if we were to add the pronoun in Polish, "swoich" (her own) would be better than "jej".


Badaniach could have been added to the list of possible answers because it only offers variations of studia so I chose one of them and was marked incorrect


"badaniach" is accepted, it should have worked. But the Polish sentence is for 99% about university education. I'm afraid that "studia" doesn't translate well into English...


It corrected my studia and made it badaniach...


I will never understand the algorithm of correcting answers. Why didn't it just add two letters...

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