"Az eper egy piros és kicsi gyümölcs."

Translation:The strawberry is a red and small fruit.

September 1, 2016

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When you get the adjectival order wrong in Hungarian, you are told off. Time for the system to do the same with English and not count the PROPER translation as wrong !


------ fluent english is "strawberries are a ... "

Big 29 aug 18


Yes, there is definitely a rule here governing the ordering of adjectives.


Why wasn't it red and small fruit please which is what I put.


That should definitely be accepted. (Probably when they translated the sentence they got tripped up by the fact that the usual order for the adjectives in English would be "a small, red fruit" and it would sound very weird with them in the other order. But with the "and" in between them it doesn't seem to matter as much.)


There's an obscure rule governing the order of adjectives in English (https://dictionary.cambridge.org/grammar/british-grammar/about-adjectives-and-adverbs/adjectives-order).

This means that something cannot be 'small and red', but it can be 'red and small'.

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