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"I want to tell you something very important."

Translation:Chcę ci powiedzieć coś bardzo ważnego.

September 1, 2016



Why is it "ważnego" and not "ważny"?


In such a construction, "coś" takes a form ending with -ego. I think it's neuter Genitive.


Accusative – genitive would be „czegoś bardzo ważnego”(cf. „Słucham czegoś bardzo ważnego”); It also changes to genitive in negations, as would be the rule:

  • „Nie powiem ci czegoś bardzo ważnego”(through that's a bit stilted example, I would rather say „Nie powiem ci niczego ważnego” normally, even if it's not the same meaning 100%)


Good point, but if it's Accusative, then it's also not really neuter (that would be "ważne") but masculine (for whatever logic). The most important thing is still "it ends with -ego" :)

Generally "coś" is neuter, you can say "jakieś dziwne zielone coś" (some weird green something).


Chcę coś wam bardzo wasznego powiedziec - is that wrong? apologies if spelling incorrect


"ci" was not provided as a word to add


Then it means that "wam" (plural you) was.


The word "ci" wasn't between the options, probabily some bug in the site


Read this, please: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27952965

"wam" is equally correct here and it had to be here.


why is "chce ci mowic cos bardzo waznego" rejected? i mean the singular form "ci" instead of "wam"


"ci" is accepted, in fact it's in the default sentence here. The problem is "mówić". It's an imperfective verb, so it's like "I want to be telling you something important", many times. Technically not wrong, but really strange.


Chcę Ci powiedzieć coś ważnego. Why is this wrong?


Only because you forgot the "very" part.


Isn't "coś" the direct object, placing it right after the verb, and the indirect object "wam" after that? Or am I just making that rule up extrapolating from previous examples?


I think I would need to see more examples. But one sure thing is that we don't want the pronoun "wam" to end up at the end of the sentence - it's like "I want to tell something very important TO YOU".


Why wouldn't ciebie be accepted in place of wam? I think I missed something regarding all of the different options for "you" in Polish.


"to tell someone something" needs that "someone" in Dative.

The singular Dative 'you' is "ci", its emphasized version is "tobie". "ciebie" is not Dative.

See the table of all forms: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Appendix:Polish_pronouns#Second-person_pronouns

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