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  5. "Το μουσείο είναι δεξιά."

"Το μουσείο είναι δεξιά."

Translation:The museum is on the right.

September 1, 2016



on the right = στα δεξιά, not δεξιά.


We can't change the main Greek sentence! Στα δεξιά has been added as alternative.


The greek sentence hear really should be translated as "The museum is right" not "...on the right" as thst would be "...στα δεξιά" in Greek. In all the examples I can think of off the top of my head the two sentences would be interchangable, but there is still a difference between them. At the very least both versions should be accepted as Engligh translations.


Prepositions are necessary in such phrases in English, for example:

He is on/to my left.

The desk is on the right.

The table is to the right of the fridge.


Is "to the right" an acceptable translation here? Or must it be "on the right"?


Hm, I'd say that "on the right"="δεξιά" and "to the right"="στα δεξιά". I'm not sure whether I can explain the nuance between the two (if there is a nuance at all), but here's an interesting comment pertaining to "on/to the right". Both are accepted in other exercises, so I'm adding "to" here as well.


Can "the museum is right" be correct or must it be "....on the right" ie "το μουσειο ειναι δεξια" ..?


I think 'the museum is right' should be accepted. If I was asked ' is the museum left or right? ' and I answered ' The museum is right ' would be ok.

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