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getting emails of all discussions

How do I stop getting emails of all the discussion entries? I made the mistake of commenting on the new format and now I'm getting 50 emails a day by other disgruntled users. How do I leave a discussion??

February 8, 2014



Go to the discussion and click on the green box that says, 'Following Discussion'.
(Upper right hand corner of discussion screen)


In the email, there's usually a link that says "Stop following this discussion." Click the link. Or do what wazzie said. Either will work.


It's a tiny, grey link at the very bottom of the email that says "If you'd rather not receive notifications, you can unsubscribe here" and the "here" part is a link to click on.

However, it didn't work for me and it said to go to Account Settings, pick Notifications, then uncheck the appropriate boxes. (https://www.duolingo.com/settings/notifications)

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