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"Ezen a száraz fán nincsenek madarak."

Translation:There are no birds in this dry tree.

September 1, 2016



ok, so now I used the translation "on" this tree... and got it wrong. Thanks previous commentators :D!


I agree, on is correct and needs to be accepted too!


No - because in English that would mean sitting on top and that isn't what the sentence means in 98% of the cases. Using "a fán" is how Hungarian says "in the tree". By allowing "on the tree" you will lose the point of the sentence.


Yeah the others commentators confused me. Why couldn't a bird be on a tree. Why is that incorrect...


I think the intention here is to say there are no birds IN this dry tree. Is that correct? I mean, I rarely hear anyone talking about birds ON a tree.


Yes, I think it should be "in this dry tree".


"In this tree" is an English construct. This is a case where you have to learn to think in Hungarian.


Sometimes duolingo seems to want us to translate the words literally, and other times it seems to want us to translate to the equivalent expression in the other language, which might be literally the same. The inconsistency is very frustrating.


"In this tree" means "ebben a fában"


But in Hungarian that would mean inside the tree - possible if there was a hole or something. But normal Hungarian for birds perching on branches on the tree is "on" ie "ezen" - while in English it is "in".


Isn't ezen On? I think you could say ON when you can see the birds and IN when you can only hear them...


Not in English. Birds on branches whether visible or not are "in" the tree.

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I am having a blank moment and have forgotten the difference between 'ezen' and 'ebben'. Who can help?


"ezen" = on this; "ebben" in this. Unless it is a bird sitting in this tree :-)


why (those which are in the dry tree are not birds( is not accepted?


There is no azok … amik for a start. "Ezen a száraz fán" can only mean "in(on) this dry tree".

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