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  5. "אַל תסגרי את החלון, חם פה!"

"אַל תסגרי את החלון, חם פה!"

Translation:Do not close the window, it is hot in here!

September 1, 2016



גם תיסגרי צריך להתקבל


Officially the spelling is תסגרי. Many people may write תיסגרי, to me it looks incorrect. It's a matter of personal opinion or taste, personally I take a descriptive approach to speaking - language is what people speak, official rules are only "good to know". But in writing mistakes like this bother me more.


תיסגרי is a mistake. In future tense we only change the letters א' י' ת' נ' in writing, the rest of the word mustn't be changed at all

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