"Kto pracuje w tym przedszkolu?"

Translation:Who works in this preschool?

September 1, 2016

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Preschool and kindergarten are different. Do they use the same word in Polish? Is there an optional year of preschool in Poland?


> Preschool and kindergarten are different.

Not here, (England, U.K., Europa); we don't tend to use the term "kindergarten", although it's known from U.S. TV/movies. Glad to see that "pre-school" (as we spell it with hyphen) works on this translation exercise.


They may be different things in US, but according to Wikipedia it is treated the same for most of the world.

This optional year you're referring to is probably "zerówka" (grade 0). When I was a kid a bit less than 20 years ago, you would either have this year in kindergarten or in primary school, depending on the parents' choice. Now it got pretty complicated so I don't really know what's the current situation.


The normal-speed audio is obscure towards the end (latter two words); the slow-speed audio is fine.


I think the female audio is very clear, and the male one has a bit of a strange intonation, but it's also rather clear...


garden or garten in English?




"...garten" in the UK too, not that we use the term here.


After having read all this, my impression is that "kindergarten" isn't the best translation for "przedszkole". It's not used in the UK, and the US kindergarten seems to be about the same as the Polish "zerôwka". So I suggest changing the main translation to "preschool".


You're right, the sentence has been changed in the meantime.


I guess I am a little surprised by noting two prepositions are at work on the basic word "szkoła" I think "przed" would take instrumental, and "w" would take locative. So, procuje w szkole, stop przed szkoła (with a tail), so what are we doing with "w przedszkolu"?


Przed is not a preposition here, but a prefix, otherwise it would be written separately. So, the only preposition in this sentence is w which requires the locative case: przedszkole -> w przedszkolu.

When we add a prefix to a noun that denotes a place, we usually also add the suffix -e (+ stem change), that's why szkoła changes to przedszkole in the nominative. Here are a few other examples:


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