"Nigdy nie jedliście wołowiny?"

Translation:Haven't you ever eaten beef?

September 1, 2016

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The best English translation should be "Haven't you ever eaten beef?" The current version "You have never eaten beef?" should be accepted but not preferred, for two reasons: * it's not standard to start an English question with a pronoun like "you," it should normally start with an auxiliary like "have", and * it's not standard to use "never" in an English question unless for emphasis in which case it would be "Have you NEVER eaten beef?"


Well, this is more of a 'surprised question'. So 'never' is indeed emphasized.


Sorry, I've got a question to the native English speakers, is it correct to use "never" in questions? As far as I know we should use "ever" for questions and affirmatives. TY


I can't explain it myself well, so perhaps it's better to just put this link here: https://english.stackexchange.com/questions/64329/use-of-never-in-questions

I guess it's safer to make the main English answer "You have never eaten beef?", though.


The translation is not a question; simply sticking a question mark at the end does not make it one in English whereas it appears to in Polish. As a question the translation is: " Haven't you ever eaten beef?"


OK, we will change the main translation to "Haven't you ever eaten beef?".


Does "Nigdy nie zjedliście wołowiny?" sound weird by any chance? I was thinking in aspekt dokonany(perfective) since "Have never eaten beef" in English sounds like perfective and not continuous in my opinion. For "nigdy nie jedliście wołowiny," I would think it more as "Have you never been eating beef (your whole life)?" if that makes sense... :S


It does not sound that weird, but unusual. Until you start thinking about the difference, and the fact "nigdy nie jadłeś" is more "you never tasted/tried", and "nigdy nie zjadłeś" is more you were never able to swallow it/ finish the meal.


Thanks for the explanation!

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Can you add: “ You never have eaten beef? “

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Thanks Marek, for all the adding / updating you have done and do. I’m only going to send you this one big thanks for everything - so you don’t get bombarded with messages. Have a great day.


Why is "did you never eat beef" wrong. I do not quite understand zagadka, who finds it weird. It's just an example, and like many others, I do not see where I could use it in a conversation, a little more though, than " our child is a penguin" :-D


Did you never eat beef only works when you're referring to a time period in the past that has ended but it should still be accepted.


OK, added then.

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