"A só a szekrényben van, a tej mellett."

Translation:The salt is in the cupboard, next to the milk.

September 1, 2016

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Its an unusual place for salt and milk to be, could it also mean cupboard or pantry.


Yes, "cupboard" would probably be the best word here.

Pantry (like a small room adjoining the kitchen with jars of canned food and dry sausages and things) would be éléskamra.


Still, doesn't one usually keep milk cold?


It's probably a carton of shelf-stable milk, unopened ;-)


... shelf-stable milk,...

------- which everybody has, except for the us . . .

Big 1 sep 18


For real? Those luxurious looking five/ten liter/ no idea how many gallon bottles are not filled with tartós tej? (preserved milk? German H-Milch)
That stuff is good some months, unopened and according to a colleague tastes after a few days opened (in the fridge) better than the usual milk... (I would not agree, it tastes weird from the start)

I believe soy, rice, various nuts ..."milk" could also be meant? Although at least in Austria and I would imagine anywhere in the EU, it is not allowed to be officially called milk (they are drinks). That stuff survives even opened a while uncooled.
And closed also for months...


Tehát ez a szekrény valószínűleg hűtőszekrény.


És a ruhák a hűtőben vannak


All poor rationalizations for why the milk is in the cupboard - if the salt is in the cupboard, it will always be found next to the ice cream. end of story.

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