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  5. "Η Ελένη είναι ένα κορίτσι."

"Η Ελένη είναι ένα κορίτσι."

Translation:Eleni is a girl.

September 1, 2016



So Greek also puts "the" before people's names?

It's like in Portuguese:

A Helena é uma rapariga.

Η Ελένη είναι ένα κορίτσι.


I thought my language was the only one that did this...


Catalan does put "the" in front of a name as well. Didn't know Portuguese did this too.


Spoken (Southern) German as well!


In some regions of Brazil is commonly used an article before people's names. Ex.: A Luana está em casa. O Rodrigo podia fazer isso...


Yes...not many languages do that...


I think it's to see something that's really unique in a language.


So Greek is the same as German in that the noun for "girl" is actually of the neuter gender?


Yes, pretty much. ^.^


Yes, and for the same reason.

The German diminutive suffix -chen makes the initial word neuter (and also adds an "Umlaut" on the root vowel if possible) [Think of "maid" in English for an equivalent initial root].

The Greek diminutive suffix -τσι also makes the original root neuter. The Greek suffix is probably less productive than the German one though.


We learned that 'η Ελένι' means Eleni in ABC lessons. Now, when we are trying to apply our hard learned lessons, our answer is wrong. That's a shame.


Is it? I got it right. It doesn't even tecnically mean Eleni, it means Helen.


Τhe recording is so horrible. Like some machine is about to die :)

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That's because it's not a recording. It's a TTS (text to speech) programm.


Gr to En, I write "Eleni", which the built-in spellcheck corrects to "Ellen", and am then marked wrong for not putting Eleni… οχι 'ρε !


This is pretty weird, since Ellen is nowhere to be found in translations (This sentence is marked as last edited over a year ago, so it would be impossible for someone to remove it, at least not recently, with no trace.)

Eleni is a correct translation, and so is Helen (Maybe this is the one that popped up?). If you come across this one again, please let us know. ^.^


Eleni aas the english translation for me every time until now when it says it should be helen! It might be that there are multiple acceptable answers and i got another word wrong


I might not get the opportunity to see it again, but if I do I'll flag it. However, it was definitely "Ellen" (I tried it more than once, deliberately, after the first time, because I couldn't believe my eyes). I saw that Helen was accepted, too – indeed, if it had been "Helen" it wouldn't have been marked wrong.

"Ellen" is all the more odd in that I haven't come across one since the Waltons in 1975. With the exception of Ellen deGeneres..


Hahahahah I guess you're right about that last one XD However, I do believe it was added as a translation (some sentences do have Ellen as a translation to Eleni) because it's an existing (even though rare) equivalent of the Greek name. :P


Dont feel too bad. For some reason, this one didnt acceot Eleni for me. It told me eleni is helen.


The Eleni is a girl should be accepted to


The cannot be used for names in English.


Quite right. And the exception that proves the rule is "The Donald".


Is "Η Ελένη είναι κορίτσι" also possible?

And with the same nuance than between "είμαι άντρας" (I am a man… and not a woman, a boy, etc.) and "είμαι ένας άντρας" (I am one man… and the only one in the queue) ?

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Yes, it's possible and correct (and actually more natural).


Thank you all guys for the explanation! Now I more understand about greek language..it's hard but,idc,fun with dualingo


Why is ξίναι used when ένα means "is a"?

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Ένα means 'a' while είναι is the verb 'is'.
Check out the tips and notes section for more information on grammar. Welcome to the Greek course! :)

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