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"Hvis HC Andersen havde levet i dag, ville han være over hundred år gammel."

Translation:If HC Andersen had lived today, he would be over one hundred years old.

September 1, 2016



"Had lived" does not make sense with the sense of "then today he would be ..." One would say, rather, "If HCA were still alive today, he would be ..."


I agree, this sentence is garbage and still unchanged a year since your comment. I don't think they will ever review the last third of this course.


I think I saw a discussion post recently (Feb 2019) suggesting they were looking at remodeling the entire course c. June 2019, so I don't imagine they'll change a thing until that happens.


Still the same in Nov 2020.


"If HC Andersen were alive today, he would be over one hundred years old." (which makes grammatical sense) is accepted. I can't say if the Danish sentence is grammatical, but it doesn't look right to me.


I reported it. However the report options do not offer "the English sentence does not make sense" and they don't have the free line any more to describe the fault. So I put an (X) to all the fault categories.


Typically you can report the English sentence as unnatural if you get it wrong.

I doubt that false reports help anyone and therefore suggest not making them.


Hopefully any report helps them to eventually know to look. With a comment they could see what the issue was. I wish they still had that line to describe the issue though.


If he "had lived today" is not correct in English. If he "were alive today" is correct.


What an absurd sentence in English


True, but I should say that he would be over two hundred years old.


He would in fact be more than two hundred years old


If HC Andersen were still alive today, he would be over a hundred years old.

Hvis HC Andersen var i live i dag, ville han være over 100 år gammel.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

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