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Supprimer les comptes inactifs. Delete inactive accounts.

Bonjour ! Ça m'est arrivé de voir plusieurs comptes inactifs de personnes ayant commencé l'apprentissage d'une langue et arrêté Duolingo. Malheureusement, il y en a beaucoup, et il serait utile de les supprimer car:

  • Il y aura plus de noms d'utilisateurs disponibles.

  • On pourra savoir combien de personnes apprennent VRAIMENT n'importe quelle langue.

  • Ça fait un peu de ménage :-)

Je pense que Duolingo devrait mettre ça en place, pour les comptes inactifs depuis un an, par exemple. (Et peut-être envoyer un e-mail pour prévenir)

Hello! Several times, I see inactive accounts of people who started learning a language and stopped Duolingo. Unfortunately, there are many, and it would be useful to delete them, because:

  • There would be more user names available.

  • We will be able to know how many people REALLY learn any language.

  • It cleans a bit up :-)

I think Duolingo should set it up, for accounts that are inactive for more that a year, for example. (And maybe send an e-mail to prevent) (Sorry for my bad English ;-) )

September 1, 2016

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[utilisateur désactivé]

    I really think that's terribly unfair to them. Deleting their account would erase all their progress without their consent. I have been inactive on Duolingo from many months in row and if I came back about found all my progress deleted, I'd be livid. It's not a good way to keep the site growing.

    We can't know why a user has been inactive. What if someone is working a lot, had a new child, became ill, had to move or is having financial troubles that prevent them from having internet access? Life happens, and users have a right to prioritize their life and put Duolingo on the back-burner until they can come back. We don't have to sign a user agreement that says we have to stay active when we join and users shouldn't be penalized for being inactive simply to free up user names.

    Also, as far as numbers go, Duolingo doesn't care to publish how many users are active. They really only care about publishing the volume of users overall because that is how they have been attracting investors. The bigger the number they can show potential investors, the more confidence the investors are likely to have in Duolingo as a long-term investment. This is why Duolingo doesn't publish a lot of numbers, like how many active users there are for each course or how many users have completed their trees. The numbers available are about promoting Duolingo. It's just business.


    My account was inactive for at least two years...


    I was not happy with losing so many hearts. Since the mode has been changed it is easier for me. And as I used other sites to learn I now scarcely have more than two false answers during a lesson or a practice session ;-)


    I see! I know automatically delete some accounts isn't a good idea, but sending an email one year after may help "clean" duolingo!


    It's why I said

    And maybe send an e-mail to prevent

    So people will have the choice to delete their accout or not. And I speak about people who made one lesson and gave up. I made big breaks too, for several reasons, but I doubt people can make a YEAR break without doing any lesson, and if people do, it's probably because they forgot Duolingo, so an e-mail saying "Don't forget to learn [...]! If you want to delete your account, click here." or something like that would be handy.


    But if someone had financial troubles and couldn't access the internet, as Ceid-Donn said, it's more than likely that they're not going to be able to access their email either. If you're talking about people who did one lesson AND they had the option to delete their own account, I'd be all for it.

    When you say that you doubt people can make a year break, yes, there's a chance that they've forgotten Duolingo, and there's a chance that they haven't. A user in this thread mentioned that they had taken a 2 year break, and here they are. They clearly haven't forgotten Duolingo. ;)


    And since you are locked out of your email account you would be in trouble. But no I don't think it would be a good idea anyway.


    You're right. I think it would be better to delete them BY SENDING AN EMAIL TO HAVE THEIR AGREEMENT because more usernames would be available. I don't think it's a bad idea as long as an e-mail is sent.

    They clearly haven't forgotten Duolingo.

    They may did, but something ( someone talking about Duolingo ) made them remind of it. Or maybe some people didn't have the time to go on Duolingo for a year, it may be possible, but I don't think it often happens.


    Je vais être inactive pendant 10 jours. Comment vais-je retrouver mon niveau en rentrant ?


    Il y aura quelques leçons à revoir, mais tant que ça reste dix jours, ça va.

    Apprends une langue en seulement 5 minutes par jour. Gratuitement.