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  5. "Three people work here."

"Three people work here."

Translation:Тут працюють три людини.

September 1, 2016



Людини? How is it different/better than люди?


Genitive singular (instead of nominative plural) is used for words with the suffix -ин when they are combined with the numerals "два," "три," and "чотири." Селянин (peasant) - два селянина, громадянин (citizen) - два громадинина.


Ok- but I'm pretty sure I never ever learned 'людини' anywhere in this context, nor have I heard it. I'm a native English speaker but currently live in Western Ukraine and learned Ukrainian in L'viv. Is this considered a literary thing? Or am I just not hearing what people say (that's not sarcasm- it happens!)?


"Дві люди" sounds very unnatural, so using genitive singular in this sentence is not just some literary thing. Maybe you could ask your Ukrainian friends there where you live and tell us what they think about it.


Ok- I asked my friend- native Ukrainian, lives in Ukraine, is a linguist- she's pretty much an authority, I guess. Her answer: Я би сказала: тут працює троє людей або тут працюють три людини.

So obviously, I totally missed the bit about "Тут працюють три людини." in my lessons. Possibly it wasn't covered; possibly I've forgotten. I love finding out stuff like this!

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