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"Christmas Day is the twenty-fifth of December."

Translation:Dydd Nadolig yw'r pumed ar hugain o Ragfyr.

September 1, 2016



In a previous sentence about the date of Christmas (in dictation), there was no 'dydd', just a reference to 'y Nadolig' (mae'r Nadolig.... etc.). Yet this sentence doesn't accept 'Y Nadolig'. Any particular reason?


Just a learner , but I'm guessing the other one said Christmas, while this one says Christmas Day.


I guessed and wrote Dydd y Nadolig, but it was wrong.
Apparently it's either y Nadolig or Dydd Nadolig.


Any hints as to why this is "ydy'r" and not, for instance, "mae'r"?

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Because we're linking two equivalents we need to use this construction.

eg. we say Barack Obama yw'r Arlywydd = Barack Obama is the President

but we can say Mae Barack Obama yn arlywydd = Barack Obama is a president.

so with Dydd Nadolig

Mae Dydd Nadolig yn ymlaciol = Christmas day is relaxing

Mae Dydd Nadolig yn dod = Christmas day is coming

Mae Dydd Nadolig ar y pumed ar hugain o Ragfyr = Christmas day is on the twenty fifth of December


Dydd Nadolig yw'r/ydy'r pumed ar hugain o Ragfyr.

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