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  5. "το γράμμα ω"

"το γράμμα ω"

Translation:The letter omega

September 1, 2016



το γράμμα ομέγα - why is this wrong???


I appreciate having the free resource, but it's really getting frustrating. "The letter omega" accepts "το γράμμα ω" but not "το γράμμα ωμέγα" while "the letter sigma" accepts "το γράμμα Σίγμα" but not "το γράμμα Σ."


Same frustration. How do i know when the letter itself is what is "correct" and when the name of the letter is marked "wrong"?


It is ωμέγα but not ομέγα.


Because its asking you to write in your native tongue, not in greek?


What is the rule for when to use ω versus o ? When the spoken sentence says "o" you can mistake one for the other...although the slow enunciation gives it away that the correct answer is omega.


There are some general rules but it also has to do with spelling, so you have to remember when to use "ο" or "ω". Generally when you use verbs that end with "o", you use the "ω" (παίζω, κλαίω, βρίσκω etc) At the end of nouns, pronouns and adjectives you use "o" (ποτό, αυτός, ακριβό, καλός) For male names you use "o" (Μάριος, Γιώργος) At the end of the adverbs you usually use "ω" (κάτω, καλώς, ακριβώς) but not everytime (εντός, φέτος) So be patient...


Yeah, I finally heard omega when I wanted confirmation on the slow sound, IOW: It finally spit it out, but, so then I fully typed out omega instead of just the letter -it marked me wrong : ( -But the Reason: the last time with the audio, when it says: "type what you hear", it wanted the whole phonetically given 'morpheme', am I using that word right? At any rate -my point: It won't stay consistent with its own expectations of how it wants us to reply; anyone else getting this? Thanks!


The audio for this one on my experience said "to gramma o." I was expecting it to say "to gramma omega." Thanks for all the work on building out Greek duolingo! We have a family challenge to see who will finish the pyramid first. :)


Is there any difference in pronunciation between the two sentences "Το γράμμα ω" and "Το γράμμα ο"?

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There is no difference at all, unless you say the names of the letters in full.


Hmm... Then I should have reported it. The voice said "To gramma ó" and not "To gramma omega".

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If your reply was to a listening question then I have to point out that unfortunately the system allows only one correct answer for those questions. :( So, with the phrase being "Το γράμμα ω" it will never accept o in its place, despite having the exact same sound.


so there are two correct answers to the audio? or the audio should have been o-mega?


There are two different answers, which should have been correct. The pronunciation of ω and o is the same for both letters.


omega! This is my second favorite letter (favorite is ypsilon)


is the a greek keyboard ? hard to type the ansver in Greek without keyboard :(


I'm using SwiftKey and easily downloaded a Greek keyboard. It depends on which keyboard you're using. Phone? Operating system?


The new update makes the slow pronounciations default. This seems wrong. Anyone else feel that way?


It asked for the english translation of "το γράμμα ω" but "the letter o" is incorrect. If it wanted "the letter omega" shouldn't it have asked to translate "το γράμμα ωμέγα"? I'm frustrated about the inconsistency.


If the voice is refering to the sound O we can't know it is ω or ο...


The instruction is to "type what you hear", not to translate


Το γράμμα ωμέμα should be a correct answer

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Το γράμμα ωμέμα

"ωμέμα"? I don't think so...

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