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"לפעמים גם נוצרים חוגגים את חג הסוכות."

Translation:Sometimes Christians too celebrate the holiday of Sukkot.

September 1, 2016



Is this really true? If it is, that's really cool!


Yup, some evangelical christians goes to Jerusalem every year to celebrate it (since there is no christian holiday that resembles it).


That's pretty awesome :)


My family celebrates all the Biblically-based Jewish holidays, and we're Christians. (Though we don't really like that label since a lot of Christians give Christianity a bad name.)


cool! with the possible exception of yom kippur... fasting for no reason


Yes, you can see it in this video "Sukkot: A Celebration For Every Nation": https://youtu.be/iZ8WLRNEDWg (from a Jewish channel, showing a "curious phenomenon" - a lot of non-Jews are now celebrating Sukkot, even going to Israel to celebrate. The was even a flag parade or something similar, There were a lot of countries represented, Norway, New Zealand, South Africa, Mexico, China, etc. ).


"Too" can also go at the end of the sentence and have the same meaning and be grammatically correct.


In fact, saying "too" at the end of the sentence is the more common way to say this. It's a better English translation than the one DuoLingo wants.


In Zechariah 14:18-19 it is even talk of "the punishment of all the nations who do not go up to celebrate Chag haSukkot". This is part of the old question, Who is expected to keep Torah? To answer it with Jewish statements: 1) "A Chacham ‘wise man’ is better than a prophet", Bava Batra 12a. 2) "Salomon was wiser than all men", 1Mela4:31. 3) The book of Kohelet is written by Salomon, Koh1:1. 4) The only book of the Tanakh that culminates with a clear quintessence is Sefer Kohelet: "The end of the matter, everything having been heard, fear God and keep His commandments, Khi Zeh Khål haAdam ‘for this is the entire MAN’."


Interesting. Never heard of this before. I guess if I was in Israel and someone invited me to join them for Sukkot, that would be an interesting and nice experience for me but this is something Christians don't do, maybe it is referring to Messianic Jews who claim to be Jewish but believe in Jesus Christ. As Christians, we are only told to do three physical things (Baptism, Communion, and foot-washing) because the New Testament is spiritual and Sukkot does have a spiritual type to it for the Christian because I think it means the Tabernacle of feasts? Whereas Sukkot is a physical thing done for the Jews.


Yep, Sukkot is referred to as Tabernacles in English

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