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  5. "Το κορίτσι τρώει το γλυκό."

"Το κορίτσι τρώει το γλυκό."

Translation:The girl is eating the candy.

September 1, 2016



This is where we get "glucose", isn't it?


I love seeing all these words we get from Greek.


How would you say "the girl eats sweets" compared to "the girl is eating sweets". Apparently it's the same?

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Yes, it is.


Sweet should be accepted. We brits don't say candy.


Duolingo still doesn't accept "sweets"...

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You are mistaken. Duolingo does accept sweets

If your sentence was rejected it was not due to the use of the word "sweets". You should have made a report.

We moderators cannot see your sentence therefore before you make a comment you should have made a REPORT. Then post on the comment page.

Here's how to REPORT.

Go to the bottom of the exercise page where you'll see "REPORT" Click on that: Then choose what you want to REPORT:

-My answer should be accepted. This is the one you should click on if your translation was not accepted.

After choosing the REPORT you want to make you should post on the comment page.

These are the sentences accepted for this exercise.

The girl is eating the sweet.
The girl is eating the candy.
The girl is eating the lolly.
The girl is eating the dessert.
The girl is eating the sweets.
The girl eats the sweet.
The girl eats the candy.
The girl eats the lolly.
The girl eats the dessert.
The girl eats the sweets.
The girlfriend is eating the sweet.
The girlfriend is eating the candy.
The girlfriend is eating the lolly.
The girlfriend is eating the dessert.
The girlfriend is eating the sweets.
The girlfriend eats the sweet.
The girlfriend eats the candy. The girlfriend eats the lolly.
The girlfriend eats the dessert.
The girlfriend eats the sweets.

Please make a REPORT so we can see what your mistake was.


In the UK we don't use the word candy, we call them sweets. This should be allowed as an answer too. "The girl is eating the sweets."


Duolingo still doesn't accept "sweets"...


I wrote 'the girl eats the sweets' and it was marked wrong. Which part is incorrect? The second 'the' was underlined in my correction which doesn't make sense. Should it be 'is eating' or should it be 'sweet' singular perhaps? Thanks.


Yes, I guess sweets should have been underlined instead, since singular is the one that's required. This is an issue that's currently all over the place, with Duolingo underlining the wrong words. We (as in, the mods) can't fix it, but we do report the sentences to staff. Thank you for your comment!



We would be able to report this if we had a screenshot of the answer, so please try to remember to take one next time you think something similar has happened.


Duolingo still doesn't accept "sweets"...


i hear [γλ] as y- am I wrong? gl- is correct?


It's neither an (English) y nor an (English) gl. The IPA is [ɣlikɔ]; the [ɣ] here indicates a voiced velar fricative, which is pronounced like this. The TTS on Duolingo is correct.


What is the difference between candy and dessert?


Dessert usually translated to επιδόρπιο, but it can be commonly seen as γλυκό too.

Desserts are usually served right after a course or a meal, while candies are typically wrapped with plastics, and can be eaten at any time. ^.^


Why is "the girl eats the sugar" not correct here?


Sugar is ζάχαρη, which is what most candy contain, but it doesn't translate to γλυκό.


"The girl eats candy" and "the girl is eating candy" is the same!!!


Both of these sentences (with candy used as a collective noun, so plural is implied, since there's no article) would mean "Το κορίτσι τρώει γλυκά" in Greek, which seems like a more general statement.


Sweet ought to be accepted as a valid / correct answer. As should desert.


Did you report your answer? "Sweet" is accepted, as is "desSert".


How does Greek distinguish "candy" from "desert" with γλυκο?

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"candy" can be "γλυκό" or "καραμέλα/καραμέλες" "ζαχαρωτό" or " ''γλύκισμα" and maybe some others.

"Dessert" (check the spelling) is "επιδόρπιο" in other words the dish that ends the meal. It could be sweet, or fruit etc.


A sweet and candy are the same thing in English

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That's right. You should read the other comments before posting yours. If you had you would have seen a long list of the sentences accepted here.


Το γλυκό in Greece can also mean some kind of cakes

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Το γλυκό can be used for 'the desert' so in that context, yes, it may refer to a cake. E.g. But it does not refer to any specific kind of cake.


Is it actually wrong ti read this without the article? Many lessons ignore it, so why not this one?

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