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I'm enjoying the course, but I notice two problems:

  1. The site almost always underlines what it says is a misspelled word in the Hebrew, even though I've typed it correctly. This appears to be a technical issue.
  2. Some of the English sentences are incorrect. One recurring problem is the use by native Hebrew speakers of the present continuous tense when a native English speaker would use the present perfect. For example, the Legends unit says: "Every time I am turning on the television I see ...." The correct English is "Every time I turn on the television I see...."
September 1, 2016




  1. I notice this too sometimes. I suspect it's a matter of some of the answers having vowels in the system, and we're just not seeing them in the green... it's a technical one, and an annoyance for sure.
  2. Easiest way to fix it is to report it when you see it. The course is in beta, and they're trying to improve it as they go along (but there's definitely some interesting awkward English constructions there to be sure!)


Yes, we know about 1, nothing much we can do about it, it's on Duolingo's lowest priority (which I understand, it doesn't hamper the user's progress). Regarding number 2, I have yet to see such a blatant mistake, but feel free to report it.

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