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  5. "Αυτός τρώει ήδη ποπ κορν."

"Αυτός τρώει ήδη ποπ κορν."

Translation:He is already eating popcorn.

September 1, 2016



this sounds kind of too advanced for the first lesson


so my answer of "he eats popcorn already" is incorrect? I'm not sure I understand why.

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Adverbs of frequency go before the verb in English, unless it's the verb to be. Source


´he already eats popcorn´ is also correct, not wrong as marked.


Why not αυτός ήδη τρώει ποπ κορν?


This answer already is an accepted alternative, for the English sentence. Please make sure to check your answer for other typos, next time you come across this sentence. If the problem remains, we would appreciate it if you left a comment with a screenshot attached, so we can confirm your sayings and report the sentence. ^.^


it is to advanced for the first lesson!


Though it's Greek, unless it's transliteration, it should make sense when translated to English "He has already eating popcorn" is what the app considers to be correct. Grammatically, that is totally incorrect in English.


I found this sentence confusing to translate, because so far we haven't used the "is doing" form of verbs even when sometimes that would probably be the best or most natural translation. So I didn't think I had to use "He is already eating pop corn" instead of "He eats pop corn already", for instance. Of course, it sounds better and more natural "is already eating" than "eats pop corn already", but shouldn't both technically be valid answers? Or is it that the Greek verb form (τρώει) can only mean "is eating" and not "eats"?


I thought αυτός means this?

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Αυτός/αυτή/αυτό double as both the personal pronoun he/she/it and the demonstrative pronoun this. The three versions of this are required in Greek because of the three grammatical genders.


He is already eating popcorn or he is eating already popcorn... It's exactly the same

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