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  5. "We have rice."

"We have rice."

Translation:Εμείς έχουμε ρύζι.

September 1, 2016



Is it just me or is it difficult for all of us to remember the right writing for a same vocalic sound?

[i] for instance: ι, η, ει, οι, υ.


You see the same thing in English


I keep getting confused with when Duolingo wants the subject in the sentence and when not. Usually 'we have' is just 'έχουμε'. Sometimes Duolingo finds that correct, other times, like here, they want 'εμείς' with it. How do you know what to use?


I have the same problem.


Both εμείς έχουμε ρύζι & έχουμε ρύζι are accepted, as they are both correct.


Not when I posted the message 'έχουμε ρύζι' was not accepted and was corrected with 'εμείς έχουμε ρύζι'. And that happens sometimes more (not just this sentence about rice), but mostly not. So very confusing, and it almost seems random.


That means you had another problem because our database clearly shows them as correct.

We moderators cannot see what you wrote so you should have used the Report option at the bottom of the exercise page.


υ has a lot of sounds!


Not if it's correct. There is only one sound. And for this sentence the audio is very clear.

Αll these are pronounced the same...EE as in SEE, BEE Η-η, Ι-ι and Υ-υ as well as Οι, Ει, and Υι

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