"Mindig az a nő!"

Translation:Always that woman!

September 1, 2016

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What does this sentence even mean?


It's specifically designed to teach through repetition the words, mindig=always as opposed to gyakran=often, az a=that as opposed to ez a=this and nő=woman. Sometimes Duolingo makes some strange translations, but it's all designed to teach.

My girlfriend is currently stuck doing danish, and the bear keeps doing stuff that bears definitely aren't supposed to do, like teach kindergardeners about plants.


You are right, in general. This sentence (or phrase or whatever) does mean something, though... :\


I think it is like saying "that woman always gets on my nerves!" ...because she is a busybody or something like that. Or to paraphrase: "Oh gosh, [eye roll] not this woman again!" Am I right?


I don't think I have ever heard this equivalent in English. Maybe "That woman!"?


Would it not be correct to say, "Always THE woman? "


az a nő = that (one specific) woman. ez a nő = this woman.


Why "that is always the woman" incorrect?


It's not semantically incorrect but I'm not sure anyone would say that sentence. What would it mean? Why are you addressing the woman as "that"?


That would be "Mindig a nő", I think.


as has already been asked ; what does this sentence mean????


I wouldn't have thought there is such a big cultural gap... is this so idiomatical? "Always that woman... she always shows up, I've had enough of her!" Either she is mentioned over and over or she is actually present and causing annoying moments to the speaker but surely, she is present as a worry or problem, causing annoyance probably.


I think that the problem is, without context, it's a very awkward phrase in English. As a native English speaker from America, I would say that the English equivalent (for us) would be something like "Again with that woman..." Or "Always the same thing with that woman..." But those are highly idiomatic


Let me just say it's not surprising the creators came up with a phrase like this. It feels obvious in Hungarian and well, that's what it means literally, "Always that woman". Of course it makes you think if noone seems to get the point. You made me insecure about the meaning of "idiomatic", though, I don't see anything in these phrases that wouldn't be quite literally the thing that you are talking about...


Nice explanation!

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    I sense that this is the "go-to" lesson for us with Hungarian girlfriends. ;-p


    What does that even mean?


    everyone gets this one wrong because it does not make sense!!! memorizing it just to get through is not learning anything.

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