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  5. "Σε ποιον μιλάς;"

"Σε ποιον μιλάς;"

Translation:Who are you talking to?

September 1, 2016



Who are you talking to?


Whom do you talk to? (Although it is less natural than Whom are you talking to?)

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This has been corrected to: "To whom are you speaking?", "To whom are you talking?" "Who are you speaking to?" "Who are you talking to?"


Am I the only one who normally says " I was talking with my friend" ? I know there is a book entitled " I must be talking with my friends", but maybe that is poetic license.


I also wrote "Who are you speaking with" and was marked wrong.


That translates to "Με ποιον μιλάς;", not "Σε ποιον μιλάς;"

Εven though the difference is very small, it's there. In the first case, it's implied that there is some sort of response or conversation between two speakers, while the second one doesn't imply a thing. You might be talking to someone without them even listening to you.


To who are you talking?

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A lot of English grammar has been simplified but there is one rule that I'm afraid is still around. That is the use of "whom" after a preposition (other uses of whom have been lost).

So, here you would need "To whom are you talking." which is already one of the accepted translations. It's also mentioned on this page.

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