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Duolingo for Schools: student access to real-time point tracking

Hello! The most common question that I've been getting this year with my Duolingo assignments is "How do I see how many points I've got for this assignment?" I feel guilty when I admit to them that I don't know other than the old-fashioned, "You just have to keep track," answer. Does anyone have an information about how the students can see their point totals for certain assignments, and if so, maybe so user friendly directions on how to set this up? I just feel that the uncertainty might be discouraging my students from completing the assignment and thus not learning as much as they could (while having fun!) Thank you ahead of time!

September 1, 2016



I have the same problem. I don't really know how to tell them what they've done unless I look it up individually. Also, it doesn't always log their progress into the assignment you've created and if you make any ones farther out than a week it'll put their points in the farthest away assignment.


If they log in using their browser (and not the app) they will see assignment progress in a toolbar on the right


Thank you. I just think it's silly that I can't preload a bunch of assignments since their points start applying into the farthest away date.

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