"Had you ever heard it?"

Translation:Το είχες ακούσει ποτέ αυτό;

September 1, 2016



now I can understand why in other languages native speakers argue between literal and liberal translation options... In a literal translation I would simply say "Το είχες ακούσει ποτέ;" The English sentence is missing the word "this" and if you add the word "αυτό" at the end of the Greek translation you add an emphasis that doesn't exist in the original English phrase...

September 1, 2016


    Is "Το είχες ακούσει ποτέ;" not accepted? If not, I would report it.

    September 1, 2016


    the "το είχες ακούσει ποτέ" is not accepted. :(

    and it's just reported.

    September 12, 2016
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