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Unable to remove a course from my account

I learn 3 languages from English.

Today I started "learning" English from Czech, just for fun. Now I'd like to remove it from my account.

I've found out that my 4 courses don't display together. Instead, the 3 courses from English display together and the English from Czech course displays separately. It obviously depends on the source language.

So, when I switch to the English from Czech course and go to Nastavení (Settings) > Studovaný jazyk (Learning language) > Vynulovat nebo odstranit jazyky (Reset or remove languages), the "Odstranit" (Remove) button is gray and can't be used. (The "Obnovit postup" (Reset progress) button is available though.)

It seems that the web doesn't allow removing a language in this situation because the GUI would remain in the source language with no courses present.

Can anyone help? Thanks.

(I guess this question has been asked many times. But it is difficult to find those topics because the words for a search string are very general.)

September 1, 2016



Yes, once you start a "from" language you seem to be stuck and you have to have at least one learning language in it.


I accidentally added a course that I do not want to start at this time, and I do not see any way to remove it. I am just going to ignore it and not do any lessons. Let's see what happens.


Please go to the setting page / choose settings / choose learning languages / choose reset or remove languages ( you find it under the blue "see all languages"). Now you can remove a language. You are welcome.


Success! Muchas gradias!


This does not seem to work anymore

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