"Did the water puppetry festival start two days ago?"

Translation:Lễ hội múa rối nước đã bắt đầu hai ngày trước phải không?

September 1, 2016

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Why is phải necessary at the end before không?


When we ask someone about a event which happened in the past or explaining our doubts, questions then we'll ask as: "hôm qua có tai nạn xảy ra phải không?" or "bạn làm gì xấu rồi phai không?". Besides that way what i said, we can ask everyone with other ways, such as: "à, đúng không, chứ gì", including "không" as you say.


ok... if i understand it correctly for this sentence depending if we use khong or phai khong we either ask about the noun of the the sentence or the verb/adjective? so why cant we ommit the phai and ask IF IT STARTED instead of that the WATER PUPPETRY FESTIVAL started?

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