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Greek 'antio' = goodbye

Hello people. I asked a couple of Greek people here (in Greece!) about this word, αντιο. They told me that it's quite formal, and translates less as a day-to-day 'goodbye' and more as something final and definite: 'farewell!' for instance. Any thoughts or comments? Daithi.

September 1, 2016



" Αντίο" is only ever used when you want to say goodbye to someone but in the sense of never see the person again or it will take a long time to meet again. Also sounds a little poetic or dramatic depending on the situation you use it. For example in the case of a break up you can use this word haha.


Yes, so it's the equivalent of the English word 'farewell' - also poetic or dramatic, and used when you're unlikely to see the person again. And, coincidentally, I think I've used it ('farewell', not 'antio') in the context of a break-up, at least once...


As people already said you would say αντίο in order to sound a bit dramatic, probably something you would say to your girlfriend after a break-up

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